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Ain't No Half Steppin'

The One Month Pedometer Challenge
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The challenge: contestants in various cities (and countries) will log their total steps each and every day for one month, submitting them to the moderator at the end of every week to be tallied and totaled (this is to keep the competition honest and prevent pumped up numbers). The goal of the competition shouldn't be so much as to win (though everyone will probably hope to do so), but rather to get a documented record of how active each of us are every day in relation to location, lifestyle and profession. And after the initial week the goal would be to make adjustments to lifestyles to increase daily activity.

Any pedometer can be used. Be sure to wear it each day, though you can choose to not wear it any time. Proper placement is crucial for the most accurate reading, so remember to wear it in line with the crease of your trousers, dominant leg. Please stay honest with your totals submitted. Any physical activity is permitted and counts, though certain activites like swimming and bike riding would obviously not record as steps. Dancing (especially doing the running man), walking, running, playing most sports, some sexual positions....all these should register.

For reference: 5 miles roughly equals 10,000 steps.
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