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My pedometer broke yesterday. It's not unusable, but I've got to… - Ain't No Half Steppin' [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The One Month Pedometer Challenge

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[Feb. 28th, 2005|03:12 pm]
The One Month Pedometer Challenge


My pedometer broke yesterday. It's not unusable, but I've got to keep it taped shut or I'll lose it forever. Instead of checking, I'm going to do everything I can think of to max out my steps for today. Like Trixie, I'm looking forward to getting on a bike or doing some swimming instead of all of the stepping at the gym and outdoors. My poor knees are a little unhappy today.

I am really happy that we decided to do this challenge in February, because it made me really work hard to keep moving in one of the more difficult months of the year.

One little request for when you send your daily totals, please include your LJ name in the subject so I can add the numbers quickly. Work is a little hectic this week and I don't want to hold things up. Also, if you could get your totals in by noon tomorrow, I'd really appreciate it.

Please send your totals to both:

trixiefirecat at yahoo
fisticuffs at gmail

[User Picture]From: trixiefirecat
2005-02-28 03:55 pm (UTC)
i was going to try to max out today, but then i got lazy at lunch, knowing i had a gym visit later.

i'm really glad we did this in february as well, for a few reasons.

+one, since it's a step challenge, it really got me outside at a time when i don't normally want to be because i take our weather for granted. i know that sounds backwards, but it's true.

+two, i love that it made me think outside the gym on valid step totals [when it rained, my mom and i walked up and down the hall outside spanish class during the break and she teased me about getting steps]. there are considerable numbers that can be gained in quick outings, and that's something i ignored before.

+ three, it was during a time when my schedule change eliminated half of my gym-going and normally i know i would have written this off or assumed i was excercizing enough. instead i looked at honest numbers and worked hard to adjust in a short amount of time and that will show up in the 4th week numbers.

+ and four, i have started walking in the morning before work--something i always said i'd do but always made sure i was too lazy to ever start. it's easy and fun and i don't have to get up any earlier to do it. and i get to hear birdies and look at dew on plants and smell the early march-blooming jasmine that's just opening right now.

thank you, step challenge!
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[User Picture]From: doublespeak
2005-03-01 07:40 am (UTC)
I was horribly sick this past week, so it's not even worth sending in my totals, can I recoup & just sit out this past week??
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[User Picture]From: trixiefirecat
2005-03-01 10:31 am (UTC)
aww man, i'm sorry you were sick!

you can do whatever you like. we're going to graph whatever we get for the final week and call it a done deal.
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[User Picture]From: fisticuffs
2005-03-01 10:36 am (UTC)
yeah. I'll drop you from this week, so we can calculate an average for the week and also for everyone who went through all four.

I'm sorry you're sick! Get better soon!
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